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New Firmware for WSPR-TX_LP1 and the WSPR Desktop transmitter.

Updated: May 23, 2019

I just posted firmware 0.64 here.

It is a unified software that can go in the WSPR-TX_LP1 and the Desktop transmitter.

Before compiling it change the constant "Product_Model" on line 36 to reflect what hardware you are using. For WSPR-TX_LP1 set it to 1011.

This version contains some new Serial API calls that sends the hardware and software version to the PC software so it can be displayed in the GUI.

If you update a WSPR-TX_LP1 card please note that the Factory data will become invalid in the EEPROM so you have to run the latest Factory configuration PC program to set the TCXO frequency again. If you rather not do all this you can safely stay on your current version but the GUI will not be able to determine what hardware you have, that's all.


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