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Dave Evans
Aug 16, 2021
In General Discussions
TXLP1, hardware 1.17, firmware 1.0, config app version I can successfully connect to the LP1, and see GPS positions updating and 'position lock' appear. Shortly after though, the GPS info greys out. No progress info, no current freq info either. Checking the comport in device manager reports device working normally - at 9600 bps. I <think> the LP1 itself is working ok - acc to orange LED (though all the info I can find doesn't mention the fast flashing mode which appears to be during tx). Debug view shows no activity after the first deluge of info when the serial port connect is pressed (oddly it needs to be recycled twice, the first time fails after a few lines of data in the debug window). Any thoughts anyone? Thanks Dave GW4GTE

Dave Evans

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