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Dec 22, 2022
In General Discussions
Hello all, i have the 80-10 unit that has worked perfectly for several months. I've always shut down the unit while operating hf. After a recent FT8 session i powered the 80-10 unit up as usual and was surprised when the unit did not come to life. After checking the power source (standard cell phone charger) to make sure i had no failure there i connected the 80-10 unit to pc via usb to see if i could find an error code but no joy. The unit shows only a extremely quick dim flash on the front green light when power source is plugged in, then nothing. The software has no sign of any connection, all boxes blank as would appear when one would click on the software with the unit not connected. Harry, if you see this post, i sent you an email though not sure if you've noticed. Group, thoughts ? Yes, I've looked through the forum here and thought i better reach out to you all for advice. Thanks in advance and watching for response. Kb0vyg Bill


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