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Thomas Jones - KG5ZI /8
Jul 12, 2020
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Hello Fellow Hams. Since 'anything goes' here, I thought I would share this for those of you who didn't know about what happened to the old site, which you may have visited - HARA ARENA. I live only a short distance from the HARA ARENA - former site of the DAYTON HAMVENTION. In May of 2019, a tornado ripped through the area and destroyed the site! They will tear it down soon, but this is how it looks right now (photo below). Also, here's some Channel 7 drone footage of what it looks like inside - you can see the seats inside! As of now, local authorities are in the process of re-zoning the area to clear the way for leveling the arena. Thank goodness that they had the newest HAMVENTION site at the Xenia Fairgrounds already established when this happened!   One other thing: There has been some talk among hams that HAMVENTION will never be the same since the cancellation of 2020, due to the COVID/CCP Virus. The local Dayton club that holds the event, DARA, has promised their commitment to making HAMVENTION bigger and better in the years to come!
Former HAMVENTION Site Destroyed in 2019 content media

Thomas Jones - KG5ZI /8

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