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Stuart Ogawa
Dec 18, 2021
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I have been successfully operating the 80 to 10m Desktop nonstop from approx Aug 2021. 3 days ago the Desktop stopped transmitting. I received a notice from the International WSPR Beacon Group an automated error message. I looked at the WSPRD site, and sure enough, no TX / RX occurring for past 12 hours. I subsequently examined the Desktop. The front LEDS were operating....however one LED "state" not functioning --> failure to fast blink when transmitting. I then looked at the back of the Desktop, and the red LED no longer displays when transmitting. I subsequently took the Desktop offline and plugged this into my PC with the Desktop configuration sw. * Desktop plugged into my dummy load * Desktop quickly found the orbiting satellites * Desktop began looping through each band and transmitting per band (from the sw status point of view) Observations --> No Red TX light and no fast blink on front of device while plugged into PC and transmitting I then unplugged Desktop from the PC and subsequently put the Desktop back into operation. Observations: * No red led during transmissions * No fast blink led on front of Desktop I subsequently let the Desktop run overnight for the next 12 hours. Oddly, the Desktop began transmitting again on all 80 to 10m bands while no red LED tx light and no fast blink. Has anyone encountered this situation? Thank you. -stu International WSPR Beacon Group member.
Stuart Ogawa
May 19, 2021
In Show off !
Hi all. WB6YRW (Stu) here located in the Silicon Valley (home is very close to San Jose, CA). I received my desktop midplus yesterday and got it operational in 30 minutes. Easy and excellent / simple instructions. Config / Antenna * using the default power output (max) * transmitting on all available mid bands * connected to my 522 foot 160m to 10m skyloop antenna Below is a link to my google photo album documenting unpacking, setup, and initial operation. I am also adding screen shots mapping the geo locations I make from time to time. I documented the 522 ft skyloop build at (forum section: Antennas, Towers and More. Thread is called Debugging a "160m skyloop..." Building a full size skyloop has been a bucket list item for me. Test and tuning this loop took quite awhile, and a lot of hams around the world gave me a lot of advice, which is documented in that thread. I have been using the skyloop with my Icom 756Pro and the Icom IC2KL amp (just over 500 watts out) to test the skyloop. As I began testing and wanting to better understand the skyloop antenna efficacy and propagation characteristics, it dawned on me to use a WSPR transmitter to quickly run experiments in an automated / scientific method fashion. Results of Midplus with skyloop in the first 24 hours of operation: * Covered all of North America including Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada within the first 6 hours of operation * Overnight covered Japan, Australia and New Zealand * Longest distance as of now = 7944 miles / 12,784 kilometers. (San Jose to Australia) I will let this run for the next 30 days and updating the Google photo album with global screen shots, like above, from time to time. Success would be to cover Western EU, Eastern EU, Africa, and South America with this current equipment / antenna configuration. I will purchase the highplus Zachtek desktop to run experiment 2 - Same antenna, same number of days run, but operating on all highplus bands. If I don't hit my success criteria, then I will begin two subsequent experiments. One experiment will involve changing the skyloop antenna hanging points; there were compromises I had to make hanging the skyloop in an urban neighorhood home setting. The second will involve getting a micro amplifier. So far, Henry's desktop and my skyloop build are more than exceeding my expectations! More results will be posted. In the mean time, I will continue posting map results in the google photos and tweak updates in that eham thread. -stu WB6YRW
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Stuart Ogawa

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