PC Software

PC Configuration software for the WSPR -TX Mini, WSPR-TX_LP1 and the WSPR Desktop transmitters

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PC Configuration software for the Frequency Calibrator


Windows driver for USB chip CH340.
Usually only needed for Windows XP. Windows Vista, 8.0, 8.1 and 10 have built in driver.

Arduino firmware for WSPR Transmitters

Source code

Programming Console

Precompiled Hex files

Electronic Circuit
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Using Xloader to reprogram your WSPR Transmitter with a Hex file

Use Xloader to reprogram your WSPR transmitter with one of the Hex files above.

In Xloader do this:

  1. Pick the hex file you have downloaded.

  2. set the Device  to the alternative shown in the image above.

  3. Pick the correct Com port that the WSPR transmitter is using.

  4. Click the Upload button.


After about 15 seconds your WSPR transmitter will be running the new firmware!