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PC Software


PC Configuration software for all my WSPR transmitters.
#1011 WSPR-TX XP
#1012 WSPR-TX Desktop
#1017 WSPR-TX Mini
#1028 WSPR-TX Pico

#1046 WSPR-TX Pico Kit
#1048 WSPR-TX XP Plus

Screenshot 2021-09-03 21.19.22.png

Alternative configuration method - using a webpage

As an alternative to using my configuration software you can instead use the web page below:

​The configuration web page is made by Phil - VK7JJ and is a great option, please try it out.
There is no installation needed - it's only requirement is a chrome compatible browser.

Phil is also the author of the great WSPR.ROCKS website. If you have not already checked it out please do so! It has many great features and functions for the WSPR enthusiast.

Information for non Windows users.

The PC Configuration software is for Windows only but it can be run under the Wine compatibility layer on an Intel computer if you are using Linux or a Mac. 
You might have to configure the serial ports to show up properly, read the Wine documentation how to do that.

You can of cource use the web configuration instead and in many case that would be easier than running the PC software under Wine.

Regardless if you run the PC Config software under Wine or if you opt to use the web page there is one requirement you first need to take care of - your user need to belong to the group that has permissions to the serial ports.

That group is most often "dialout" but it differs between distributions.
Once you have added yourself  to the dialout group you need to logout/login for it to work.


PC Configuration software for the Frequency Calibrator
#1019 Frequency Calibrator


Windows Drivers

Computer Processor

USB to Serial driver

Windows driver for USB to Serial chip CH340 used in all my WSPR transmitters.

All the Windows versions have this driver built in but in some rare occurrences the driver needs to be loaded manually and the computer rebooted before the transmitter shows up as a serial port.

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