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Mezanine LP4 add-on card documentation. 
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Build instructions

The Mezzanine LP4 add-on card have the following characteristics

  1. Sits on top of a WSPR-TX_LP1 transmitter as an add-on.

  2. Expands the WSPR-TX_LP1 with four low pass filters.

  3. Is a partial Kit.

  4. Needs four low pass filters, product number 1021.

  5. The user chooses what four Ham bands to build low pass filter for.


  • Size:

  • Power usage:
    0.2W  (5V 40mA)

  • Weight:
    30g with filters.

  • Suppresses overtones from the WSPR-TX_LP1 with 50dBC or more.

  • Insertion loss less than 1dB.

The Mezzanine LP4 is an add on for the WSPR tranmitter WSPR-TX_LP1 that expands the transmitter from one band to four or more bands (US users can use a single low pass filter for more than one band, se FAQ in build instructions.) 

A WSPR-TX-LP1 with this add on will give the same features as the WSPR Desktop version but to a lower cost and without a metal box. The user also have the freedom to mix any four filters for his/her favorite bands.

On the other hand this product requires soldering skills and that you can run the Arduino IDE and upload sketches.

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