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1S LiPo 600mA battery and charging add-on board documentation page


Mating a board on top

Charging from DC inputs

1S LiPo 600mAh battery and charging board is an add-on for several products that can run from a single LiPo battery. 
It has the the following characteristics:

  1. Powers a board that sits on top with up to 1A,  3.7V.

  2. Has a built in 600mAh LiPo battery with protection and charging circuitry.

  3. An additional external LiPo battery can be added if more capacity is needed.

  4. Is charged from a board that sits on top or alternatively from DC in ports.

  5. Charge current set using potentiometer 100mA to 1000mA


  • Voltage out:
    Standard LiPo voltages, e.g 3V to 4.2V depending charge state. 

  • Current out:
    Battery can deliver 15A but connector will limit it to around 1A

  • Capacity:
    600mAh, expandable with external LiPo cells.

  • Charge current:
    Adjustable between 100mA and 1000mA.

  • Charge voltage:
    6V max from mated board.
    35V max from DC charge input when 7805 voltage regulator with suitable heat-sink is fitted. (7805 included, heat-sink not included)

  • Size:

  • Weight:

Theory of operation.

The 1S LiPo board has an on-board battery that powers a mated board that will sit on top of the LiPo board.
The mated board is connected with a standard pin-strip 2.54mm connector and is fastened with four plastic hex studs. Once mated and screwed down the LiPo board and the top board will be one unit. A power switch on the LiPo board will turn on the power to the mated board.
The mated board in turn will charge the LiPo board if the mated board is connected to a 5V source, the mating boards usually has a USB input for this.

The building blocks of the LiPo board.

Parts explained.png

Mating to another board.

There is a PDF document that goes over how to mate a board to the LiPo board. Read that for more information.


The top board power will get its power from the LiPo board when the power switch is turned on.

WSPR-TX Mini mated to the LiPo battery board. 

Mini plus LiPo board.png

Charging the battery.

The battery can be charged from either USB port of the the mated board or from any of the two DC input ports on the LiPo board. 
The charging circuits will automatically start and stop the charging when necessary.
The green charge LED is on when charging. 

The blue potentiometer sets the max charge current. turn if fully clockwise for 1 Ampere of charge current.
Turn in fully in the other direction to limit it to 100mA.
Battery life is generally longer if charged with a low current, the fitted battery is made for high current charging so it should be OK to charge at any adjustable current.

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