PARI-O (Power And Reference Inserter - OCXO) 

The PARI-O consists of a modified 10GHz LNB for outdoor use and an indoor unit that feeds power and reference signals to it and extract IF signal for use by an external receiver. 
This forms a high stability low phase noise 10Ghz down converter unit that can be used for any 10GHz reception in general.

And for Oscar 100 satellite reception in particular.  



  • Size:

  • Power usage:
    6W  (12V 200mA)

  • Weight:

  • Frequency accuracy Nominal 10 ppb - typical less than 1 ppb
    (this means it will be off in frequency not more than 100Hz at 10GHz but usually is even more exact - less than 10Hz off from true frequency)

  • Frequency drift due to temperature variation is usually less than 2Hz.  

  • Comes calibrated against in-house Rubidium standard.

  • Comes with rebuilt, re-sealed and tested commercial LNB.

  • Can be re-calibrated by user if needed (for example due to the very small crystal aging effect ), product 1019 can be used for yearly calibration.


More info to come..

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