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New WSPR Transmitter product

Updated: May 23, 2019

I just released my latest WSPR product.

It has been a very long journey to complete this one but it is finally here.

The Product is called WSPR Desktop transmitter and is just that, a Standalone WSPR transmitter for the desktop or shack.

It covers four HF bands in frequency and has 0.3W output.

Although I call it a desktop transmitter it will work equally well in your car or you can take it with you for portable operation. It is powered with 5V using an USB cable that is included.

It has the same data as the WSPR-TX_LP1 product in power and frequency range. The major difference is the four built in low pass filters and that it is a boxed product for the Amateur who just want to get on the air without doing any construction .

The internal low pass filters will cover four HF bands. I have three models:

model Low that covers 136kHz to 3.8MHz.

model Mid that covers 7 to 18Mhz and

model High that covers 21 to 50MHz.

IT comes with built in GPS and an active GPS antenna just like it's predecessor the WSPR-TX_LP1.

They also share firmware and PC configuration software that have gotten an overhaul to work with both these products in the same GUI.

I'm updating the documentation for this product and the software in the week to come but you can check out the doc so far here.

As these have 15 hand wound toroidal coils it takes a while to build them, I have a few in my shop, more to come in next week.

If the model you want is out of stock, send me an email and I will build it for you.


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