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Oscar 100 satellite receiver on-line now

You can now listen to the geostationary radio amateur satellite Oscar 100 from a web browser.

The receiver is using my latest product PARI-O (Power And Reference Inserter - OCXO) This product is a combination of a modified Golden Media GM-201 LNB and a box that feeds power and reference frequency to it.

The LNB has been modified to accept the reference frequency for it's PLL down converter from the coax cable so just like power is sent remotely the reference signal is also sent remotely.

The result is a very frequency stable LNB down converter.

By sending the reference frequency remotely up the 75ohms coax to the LNB it makes for a neater installation and as the reference frequency sits indoors it will experience less temperature change and be more stable.

The reference frequency for the LNB is 25MHz, the 25MHz is generated with overtone extraction from a high stability 10MHz ovenized crystal oscillator. By using overtone extraction to feed the 10GHz PLL we get high stability and a very good phase noise for the 10GHz down converter.

The 10MHz from this oscillator is available on SMA connectors and can be used to frequency lock receiver other external equipment in a Oscar 100 transceiver or other 10GHz transceiver chain.

The Golden Media GM-201 is a very good LNB but still low cost - see my Video on LNB comparisons for Oscar 100 reception here

To listen to the Webreceiver go to this address:

The PARI-O will be available in my Web shop soon. Documentation here



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