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10MHz Frequency standard

10MHz Frequency standard

SKU: 1018

This frequency standard can be used a time-base in the lab or to drive RF synthesizer and for various other applications were a stable calibrated Frequency standard is needed.

It has four buffered outputs so it can directly drive up to four instruments.

Internally there is a miniature ovenized quartz oscillator with a stability of 10ppb (parts per billion) guarantied – but typically it is better than 2ppb.

This product use less than 600mA 5V of DC power so it can be powered from a computer USB port or a phone charger. Power input is micro USB.

The low power and small form factor makes it suitable to have in portable or mobile situation were ordinary frequency standards may be too big or power hungry to be suitable but it is equally suitable as a bench standard.

Has an optional voltage input for adjustment of frequency that is useful in phase lock applications.

Yearly re-calibration adjustments can be done from the outside with no need to open the case.

The device has been calibrated against an inhouse Rubidium standard before delivery and is typically within 2ppb to 10MHz.

Please allow 10 minutes of warm up time for best accuracy.


Includes a USB cable. Use a phone charger or a PC for power (Not included) 


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