34MHz to 4.4GHz Frequency Synthesizer

34MHz to 4.4GHz Frequency Synthesizer

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A serial controllable synthesizer that will output any frequency between 33MHz to 4.4GHz. Arduino Pro Mini + ADF4351


What is it?

It's a frequency generator that you control using serial commands.

The synth has a built-in pre-programmed Arduino Pro Mini that runs a commands parser so you can set any frequency simply by sending it over the serial port.

It can be run on voltages from 3,3V to 5V and takes about 140mA of current.

There are two complimentary 50 ohms outputs that give out 0dBm. The output is pretty flat over the entire frequency range. (See picture)

It has a stability of 2.5ppm (parts per million) or better when using the built-in TCXO 10MHz reference. If you need more precision or stability there is an input for a 10MHz frequency reference.

The frequency steps are 1MHz at 4GHz and about 150kHz at 40MHz. Future firmware may improve on this and might include I2C support as well.

To set the frequency to 150MHz simply send the command SETFREQ 150000000 on the serial port. There is also support for sweeping between a start and stop frequency, for incrementing or decrementing the frequency, turning off or on voltage regulators etc. See Screenshots for more info on serial commands.

The Synth uses an IDC10 connector for all signals and power but a standard FTDI header is also available.

Why did you make it?

To solve my frequency needs in Radio receivers, transmitters, Lab equipment etc.

What makes it special?

It is designed with good care for electric parameters like frequency stability, phase noise etc while still being easy to use so it can be used by novice as well as the more advanced RF engineers. If you know how to use a serial port you can use this device!