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LF-MF Low Pass Filter board

LF-MF Low Pass Filter board

SKU: 1049

This filter board contains Low Pass filters that are suitable to remove overtones from small QRP transmitters like the WSPR-TX LP1.

For the HF bands 2190,630m and 160m

Maximum power handling is 2W continously.

Insertition loss is between 1.2dB to 2dB.


The overtone filtering is -43dBC on 2190 and 630m bands and -48dBC on the 160m band if feed with a square wave.


Divided in 3 filters, see picture.


This is a partial Kit.
All SMD components are pre-solered only the SMA connectors needs to be soldered on and that can be done with a regular soldering iron.


Includes a 10cm long SMA to SMA cable for connection to your transmitter or experiment.



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