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HF Low Pass Filter board 80To6

HF Low Pass Filter board 80To6

SKU: 1047

This filter board contains Low Pass filters that are suitable to remove overtones from small QRP transmitters like the WSPR-TX LP1.

For the HF bands 80m,40m,30m,20m,17m,15m,12m,10m and 6m

Maximum power handling is 2W continously. (Board says 0.5W will be corrected in future revisions)

Insertition loss is between 1.2dB to 2dB.


The overtone filtering is very high and even if you feed it with a square wave it will attenuate the overtones down to less than 50dB of the main carrier.

This means you will meet the regulations for Amateur transmitters world wide.

Divided in 5 filters, some filters will support multiple bands, se picture.


This is a partial kit.

All SMD components are pre-solered only the SMA connectors needs to be soldered on and that can be done with a regular soldering iron.


Includes a 10cm long SMA to SMA cable for connection to your transmitter or experiment.



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