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Mezzanine experiment PCBs. Add-on for WSPR-TX_LP1

Mezzanine experiment PCBs. Add-on for WSPR-TX_LP1

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Add-on cards for the WSPR-TX_LP1 transmitter.

This kit contains two PCBs, ten hex M3 studs, 10 nuts and a pin header.
Put this on top of the WSPR-TX_LP1 as an exprimentation surface, use the drilled PCB or the flat PCB with a ground plane.

The 11mm high studs give room below the Mezzanine card to have a low-pass filter made with T37 cores. 

Examples of use:


  1. Power amplifier, bring in 12V or use the 5V and boost the power up to a few watts.
  2. I2C sensors  etc, perhaps transform it to a Hell or PSK beacon transmitter, lots of code example on the net as WSPR-TX uses the popular Si5351 oscillator.
  3. TX Disable button, for fast antenna switching, throw the switch and it stops transmitting so you can change the antenna quicly if you are doing A/B comparisons.
  4. OLED display and rotary encoder to view and change info like call-sign, TX frequency, output power and duty cycle.
  5. Recevie disable, put a relay on that is controlled from TX line and disable RX when TX is on.  




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