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Solar Cell for Pico Balloons. Polymer 3.6V 50mA

Solar Cell for Pico Balloons. Polymer 3.6V 50mA

SKU: 1043

Ultra thin and light weight solar cells.

Nominal voltage 3.6V.

Two of these are needed to power my Pico transmitter.

The power reserve from the super caps will be about 5 to 15 seconds when using these.


The weight for a single solar cell is 1.44gram.

You can mix and match my solar cells and have two different models mounted.

Using two of these will create the lightest Pico transmitter,.

Using one of these and then another model as the second solar cell will increase the total weight but can give better power reserve and make the transmitter operate at lower solar angles.
On the other side having a lighter transmitter can give better altitude and thus less risk of being downed by storms.

In the summer you may want to be light to avoid storms and on the winter you may want larger panels to capture the lower solar angles.


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