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Updated: May 23, 2019

Hi all.


I now have a Forum for discussions and support. You need to login to members page to access it. It is open for everyone, check it out from the menu.

Debug feature in the PC setup software

On a different note there is now a new PC software that has a "debug feature" that you can use in some specific situations when you want to view or send Serial API commands to the WSPR Transmitters. You should consider this an advanced option that there is no real use for if you simply want to operate the Transmitter.


The Transmitters use a Command and Query API that I created so the PC software can set and retrieve settings in the transmitters. I have documented this Serial API in this document.

When to use it: There is now support for you to send whatever command you want from the PC software. This can be useful if you want to test out something or if you have changed the firmware etc .. One useful example would be to force a specific low pass filter when using the signal generator. This can be useful when testing the Mezzanine card LP4 after it has been built. The best low pass filter will be automatically picked by the WSPR Beacon but the Signal generator will always pick the highest low pass. You can override this by sending the command [CSL] S A to set the Low pass filter to A or [CSL] S B to set it to B etc. Please note that when you force a low pass filter in this way it is only temporary and will be changed back by the Arduino whenever it changes frequency the next time.

To access the debug feature tick the "Debug" option at the button of the PC configuration software, see picture.

Ticking this option will expand the window and reveal an extra information window that will display the incoming serial data that the Arduino is sending. This is also were you will find a line were you can enter your commands and send with the "Send" button.

Se picture.

As I wrote earlier - If you are a programmer and you feel comfortable using the Serial API commands then check it out, but if you on the other hand just want to use your WSPR transmitter then simply leave it unticked. 73


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