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Firmware 1.2 fixes bugs related to short call signs

Firmware 1.2 is now released and fixes two bugs:

  1. The feature "Send precise location" only worked properly if you call sign was six characters long.

  2. If your call sign was less than six character long once in awhile the transmitted call sign was incorrect for a small subset of the users. This happened randomly in about in one in ten to one in a hundred transmissions.

To upgrade to this version either use the Arduino IDE and the source code here or you can download a precompiled Hex file here and use the software XLoader to upgrade your transmitter.

XLoader can be downloaded from my download page were there is also some information on how to use it.

Please note that the pre compiled HEX files are product dependent so make sure to download the one called Desktop 1.2 if your transmitter is a Desktop type.

At the time of this writing there is no precompiled 1.2 for the LP1, Mini or Pico transmitters but that will follow in a few days.



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