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Video on remote hilltop 6m WSPR installation.

Hayden Honeywood - VK7HH starts of 2022 with a video showing of his remote installation site and the ZachTek WSPR transmitters that is running there along other interesting equipment. Take a look a here

In the Video he talks briefly about Tropospheric Ducting and using WSPR as a system to detect these openings on the VHF and UHF bands. He has done quite a few Videos on Tropospheric ducting that is highly recommended viewing to get your understanding and skills up on that topic. Playlist link here:

Thank you Hayden for kicking off 2022 with a great Video.

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What a dream site that would be. Tnx for sharing Kd4jrx


Great site Hayden, thanks for the Vid....


Wow what a radio site!

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