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1S 600mAh LiPo battery and charging board.

1S 600mAh LiPo battery and charging board.

SKU: 1023

The 1S LiPo board is an addon for several products that can sit on top of the board and be powered from it.


Some quick features:

  1. Has onboard 600mA LiPo battery to power several different products, e.g the WSPR-TX Mini.
  2. Has all the required charging and protection circuits required for a safe and long life LiPo operation
  3. Has user adjustable sharging currect from 100mA to 1A
  4. Has optional DC inputs for two external charging inputs from 6V to 35V
  5. Will be charged from USB port on the mated board.
  6. An additional LiPo cell can be soldered in to expand the 600mA capacity of the built in battery. 
  7. Has a power switch to controll power to the mated board



The product comes with the board built and tested and the battery soldered in to the board.
Included is plastic fastener and an 7805 voltage regulator for use with the optinal DC charging inputs.

Se the documentation page for more information.

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