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Frequency Calibrator

Frequency Calibrator

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This is a GPS based Frequency calibrator.

It can output any frequency from 1Hz up to 10MHz.

The output comes from an internal oscillator that is keept syncronized to the Cesium clocks in the GPS satellites. 

This makes it highly accurate in frequency and thus can be used to calibrate oscillators or other devices.
It is the perfect companion to my 10Mhz frequency standard as it can calibrate it, say once a year to compensate for the very slow drift that occurs due to aging in Quartz oscillators.
The output from the Frequency calibrator is frequency accurate but has a lot of jitter so it can not be used directly as a frequency source. This is normally not a big problem when used for calibration as one can simply average the frequency over a few seconds to reduce jitter induced frequency errors.

To use it to calibrate an oscillator set the output from the calibrator to the same frequency or a multiple of the ocillator frequency and compare them on a oscilloscope, adjust the oscillator until no drift can be seen.

Includes an indoors active GPS antenna with 3m cable that can be put in a window for quick-and-dirty adjustments but for best performance a roof mounted external GPS antenna should preferably be used.
The software has a SNR indicator that can be used to judge antenna performance, if the SNR is 75% or more an accuracy of 1ppb or better can be acheived if the device is allowed to stabilize in temperature for 20 to 30 minutes. 


On the inside there is an Arduino running Open Source software and a GPS chip that receives the GPS signals and generate the RF output signal.
Configuration is done using a PC program. Once configured it can operate stand alone. It only needs 5V 100mA and that the GPS antenna sees a portion of the sky.

The small size and power consumption makes it suitable to to bring with you or have in your "grab bag" or toolbox.


The product comes with an external GPS antenna and a USB cable but withoput a power adapter.
It can to be powered from a computer or phone charger with USB connector.
The PC configuration software is available for download form this web or GitHub.  


Documentation page is here:

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