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Modified LNB (Spare for PARI-O)

Modified LNB (Spare for PARI-O)

SKU: 1035

This is a modified GM-201 Golden Media LNB.

The modification makes it possible to inject 25MHz on the coax to phase lock the internal Local Oscillator to the injected signal multiplied with 390 (9.75GHz)

The LNB has been opened and modifed to make this poosible. It has then been tested in the lab and re-sealed with high quality selant.

Please note that the modifiaction has made it very sensetive for over voltage on the DC side. Anything more than 22V for a few milliseconds will instantly kill it.
If used with you own Bias T without a PARI-O unit make sure there are no voltage spikes when turned on due to contact bounce and inductive kick-back from the inductor in the bias T. 

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