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High stability 10GHz LNB (PARI-O)

High stability 10GHz LNB (PARI-O)

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The PARI-O (Power And Reference Inserter - Ovenized crystal oscillator) is a Low Noise Block amplifier/Downconverter for the 10GHz amateur band.

The LNB has been modified so it's internal oscillator is locked to a ovenized frequency referense. The result is a very stable LNB as needed for narrow band use like SSB and CW.


This product consist of three units.

1 The LNB/10GHz downconverter to be situated in the focus at a parabolic reflector.

2 The indoor unit that connects to the LNB and extracts IF signal.

3 A power supply that feeds the two units.


The LO operates at exactly 9.750GHz.

This can be processed by a converter/tranverter or sent to a SDR receiver.


The indoor feeds power up the LNB and aslo inserts a highly stable reference signal that will be used by the LNBs local oscillator.

The reference signal is being generated by a high quality Japan made OCXO.
The result is a very frequency stable downconverter with virtually no frequency drift. (typically dont deviate more than 20Hz on 10GHz)
The reference signal is also available on three SMA conenctors for use with external converters or SDR TRX. 

The unit is ready to be put on the air and the user only needs to connect the two units with a single 75ohms coax and connect a receiver or SDR to the IF output.


The indoor unit can be desk or wall mounted.

The power supply included is a 12V power supply with a Euro plug.


More information on the documentation page

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