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New firmware supports long Maidenhead position reports

I just released Firmware 1.0 and PC configuration software 1.0 that is suitable for all WSPR transmitter models. Besides being the first release version so it is no longer in Beta - it also has a new feature that has been long in the waiting.

The new feature is that I now support so called Type 3 WSPR Messages.

With a Type 3 message it is possible to transmit a more exact position using six letter Maidenhead reports instead of the regular four letter report.

This is especially useful if you use the transmitter in a mobile or portable application were it is functioning as tracker.

To use this new feature first update the firmware in your transmitter by downloading the correct firmware HEX file for your product and upload it using the XLoader software. You will find it all on my download page.

After you have upgraded the firmware also download teh PC Configuration software and start it.

You will find a new option called "Send precise location" in the position group box

See image.

When you pick this option you will notice a few changes happens as you click it.

  1. The Position text in the GPS status will change to show you position with six instead of four letters.

  2. The field to manually enter a maidenhead locator widens to accommodate six letters.

  3. The progress bars widens to indicate a longer transmission time.

The transmission time will be four minutes per band instead of the regular two minutes when this option is used.

I hope this new feature will be of great use to all you out there that use my transmitters in cars, boats , sea buoys, flying them in pico balloons or use them when hiking.

The increased position precision is quite substantial when using six instead of four letter Maidenhead.

There are also numerous other smaller bug-fixes in this version so even if you do not intend to use this new feature you might be well served by upgrading to the latest firmware and software.

One caveat is that upgrading the firmware will wipe your old user setting like your call sign and other settings you do in the PC Software. Factory data like reference frequency calibration data and filter data is retained and not affected.

73 and enjoy!


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