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New Product. High stability 10GHz LNB

I have just released my new product, the High stability 10GHz LNB (PARI-O)

This product solves the problem of drift in 10GHz LNBs and down-converters.

It is intended to be used to receive the Oscar 100 satellite.

The product consists of a LNB, an indoor unit with a OCXO frequency reference and a power supply that powers both units.

The LNB is a Golden Media GM-201 LNB that I have modified so that it gets its reference frequency externally from the indoor unit instead of using its local crystal.

I tested a bunch of LNBs for Oscar 100 use earlier in my You Tube Video.

The Golden Media is a good LNB from a sensitivity perspective but unmodified it suffers from drift like most LNBs, They are not designed for narrow band use like SSB that we Amateurs use them for. Unmodified these LNBs have a frequency stability around 5 to 10 Parts-per-million.

With this product we can improve that to around 2 Parts-per-billion.

Yes, that is no typo, it should say parts-per-billion!

This is achieved by using an OCXO as the reference and keeping indoors.

This results in a very stable LNB with virtually now frequency drift.

The OCXO in the indoor unit runs on 10MHz and has a distribution amplifier with three external outputs. These outputs can be used as an accurate frequency reference for transverters and other equipment. If a transverter is using this reference it would guarantee that the transmitted signal up to the satellite is also exact and that your transmitted signal ends up exactly to where your receiver is tuned.

More information on the documentation page here:

I hope that you will find this product interesting and useful for you

73 and stay safe.


PS This product will mostly be interesting for European, African, Indian and some Brazilian amateurs as it is intended to be used to receive the Oscar 100 satellite.

See footprint below.

It can be used as a general 10GHz receive LNB but it is loses some sensitivity if not operated at the high band edge at 10.5GHz

So sorry all my American and Australian readers, this one might not be for you.

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