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Handmade products for radio amateurs and RF enthusiasts.

Welcome to ZachTek, here you will find RF related products and information.
Some of my more popular products are different models of WSPR transmitters that is made for the radio amateur that wants a standalone transmitter for mobile or stationary use.
With these in your shack you can run WSPR 24/7 without tying up your regular transceiver.

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LP1 and Mezz LP4 Above on
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One great thing with my transmitters is that they have a on-board GPS receiver that track the position and make sure they transmit at the correct WSPR time slot.
This makes them completely hassle-free to use, no clocks to set, no buttons to press, just power on and sit back and it will do it's magic..
Configuration is done using USB and a free PC software.

More information on my transmitters can be found on this page.

ZachTk WSPR Transmitter configuration software

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